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About Us

G6 Solutions is privately-held company focused on developing high quality mobile and web solutions. The mixture of our team, the passion and the deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, enables us to serve you the best quality for any web or mobile platform. Our hard work is recognized by plenty of our satisfied clients all around the world. In 2012 we won first place award from Samsung Smart App Challenge as a proof of our dedicated work over the past years. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts with us, we will be happy to make your ideas come to life.

Our Team

Vlatko Gjurgjinoski - Founder of g6 Solutions
Vlatko Gjugjinoski
web wizard
Teodos Pejoski - Teddy - Founder of g6 Solutions
Teddy Pejoski
biz dev, backend wizard
Nikola Minoski - Founder of g6 Solutions
Nikola Minoski
mobile wizard
Aleksandar Paunkovski - Founder of g6 Solutions
Aleksandar Paunkovski
biz dev, mobile wizard
Bosko Petreski - Founder of g6 Solutions
Bosko Petreski
mobile wizard
Sasha Petreski - Front End Developer at g6 Solutions
Sasha Petreski
web wizard
Coffee - g6 Solutions


Making of the perfect, world class coffee requires best ingredients and processes out there. Only the finest coffee beans are placed in the finest coffee. Every single step of making it, deserves passion.

Our story is much like a perfect coffee story. We gathered the best computer wizards around, and driven by passion, technology and master skills, we produce perfect solutions.


The Magic starts to happen in our heads, spreads around the office through brainstorming and creative thinking, spiced up with lot of enthusiasm, passion and coffee.

But G6 magic doesn’t only happen to us and in our office, we are sharing and letting others around to be happy by contributing in local projects, helping young and motivated students and entrepreneurs. Supporting others and sharing our experience is our way of giving back to the community and all the supporters in the audience. In the end, the goal is to have as many happy faces as possible.

That’s what our magic is for.

Magic - g6 Solutions
Code - g6 Solutions


What can be expected as a product of quality coffee and passionate wizards? - Quality code.

Latest and greatest technologies combined with the master skills and wisdom gained from years of experience in development and entrepreneurship, together we will provide the best solution for your problems, ideas… the only limit is your imagination. ‘Impossible” is the word we are using when something takes a little bit longer.


Boulevard Partizanski Odredi 15A/1-11
+389 23 211117
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